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Simple joy #15 Potato soup from Christmas leftovers

Potato soup from roast turkey stuffing, mashed potato and gravy

Potato soup from roast turkey stuffing, mashed potato and gravy

One of the things that I look forward to after Christmas is recycling leftovers. Why did you think I roasted a 4.5 kilo turkey when it was just me and JD at home?

This wonderful potato soup is made from leftovers as follows:

  • mashed potato that JD made
  • gravy that I made out of roast turkey drippings
  • chicken bacon stuffing from the turkey

I combined them all with caramelised onions, juice from half a lemon and water. I added thyme and gruyere cheese for the finishing touch.

Perfect on a cold and rainy day!


Fish head anyone?

Salmon Fish Head

I HAD THE WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY to meet up with two very talented pro food photographers while on vacation in this foodie-haven-of-a-city called Portland.

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What to do with chicken flakes

Miso fried rice with chicken flakes

Canon 600D, ISO 100, 0.3 sec, f/4, 50mm lens

HELLO! I have been out of action for a wee while. I’m still cooking and still shooting, but haven’t been posting and dropping a note or two to fellow bloggers out there. I have been busy with work, photo shoots and getting ready for my upcoming vacation to the U.S. of A to visit my beloved BF. After some hiccups, I managed to get 2 months off work starting this August. 8 weeks! I can blog everyday!

At the tail-end of my vacation, I will attend the 3-day International Food Blogger Conference 2013 in Seattle, WA (home to my blogger friend CottageGroveHouse.com) I am looking forward to Andrew Scrivani‘s food photography session. That will be the highlight for me, and also meeting food bloggers in person whose photography I adore (Savory SimpleDamn Delicious).

But what has this got to do with chicken flakes?

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