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Put an egg on it!

Slow-cooked sour-creamy mushroom chicken with eggs, carrots and parsnips

Canon 600D, ISO 100, 1/8 sec, f/4, 50mm lens

I share this recipe to celebrate Lara Ferroni‘s latest cookbook – Put an Egg on It: 70 Delicious Dishes That Deserve a Sunny Topping.

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What to do with chicken flakes

Miso fried rice with chicken flakes

Canon 600D, ISO 100, 0.3 sec, f/4, 50mm lens

HELLO! I have been out of action for a wee while. I’m still cooking and still shooting, but haven’t been posting and dropping a note or two to fellow bloggers out there. I have been busy with work, photo shoots and getting ready for my upcoming vacation to the U.S. of A to visit my beloved BF. After some hiccups, I managed to get 2 months off work starting this August. 8 weeks! I can blog everyday!

At the tail-end of my vacation, I will attend the 3-day International Food Blogger Conference 2013 in Seattle, WA (home to my blogger friend CottageGroveHouse.com) I am looking forward to Andrew Scrivani‘s food photography session. That will be the highlight for me, and also meeting food bloggers in person whose photography I adore (Savory SimpleDamn Delicious).

But what has this got to do with chicken flakes?

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The surest way to go to hell …

… is to try these sinfully gooey fudgy-licious brownies!

Dark orange chocolate hazelnut brownies

Canon 600D, ISO 200, 1/8 sec, f/2.8, 24-70mm lens

If there is something I enjoy baking over and over again, it’s brownies. It is so easy to do. No need to knead. Over-mixing is a no, no. Just fold wet and dry ingredients together, put them in the oven for 20 minutes and you’re done. After eating one brownie you can go to hell! I mean, they are so delicious because of all the sinful ingredients. Take sugar, for example. Two cups of sugar make 16 pieces of brownies. That’s 2 tablespoons of sugar per brownie! Add to that a cup of butter and 4 eggs. I also added half a cup of hazelnut chocolate spread. And a block of dark chocolate. Did I mention 2 cups of sugar?

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A steamy love affair


Canon 600D, ISO 200, 1/100 sec, f/4, 50mm lens

This love-and-hate affair that started several weeks ago has become an obsession. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was already too involved and couldn’t get out. Now I am confused, remorseful and bloated. I knew this is trouble from the very beginning!

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“Clean-out-the-fridge” challenge

Creamy squash soup, leeks and broccoli pie

Canon G11, ISO 200, 1/10 sec, f/4

A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, I challenged Seana from Cottage Grove House and Sandra from Please Pass The Recipe to come up with a recipe based on left-overs and anything we could find in the fridge that need to be thrown out soon. We called this “Clean-out-the-fridge challenge”. I like to avoid the term “cook off challenge” because it would make it a competition which it is not. This is mainly a fun way to share recipes based on a theme. I picked up a lot of tips from Sandra’s blog because she’s a master in the kitchen and Seana always uses the freshest ingredients that makes me jealous! Well, this time we used almost stale ingredients so check out their blogs to see what they have come up with.

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Can’t get enough mushrooms

Baked portobello mushrooms topped with feta, walnuts, sour cream, pesto, tomatoes, mint leaves

Canon 600D, ISO 400, 1/40 sec, f/4, 50mm

MUSHROOMS AGAIN? I know! I just posted a mushroom recipe two weeks ago. This is the same recipe. Except that it got fancier with the added walnuts and mint leaves and more pesto. The nuts made a lot of difference. Walnuts and mushrooms are like husband and wife. They are meant to be together.

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Can’t get enough tofu

Five spice tofu with sweet chili sauce

Canon G11, ISO 200, 1/30 sec, f/4.5

Silken tofu with tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup

Canon 6OOD, ISO 400, 1/15 sec, f/4, 50mm

TWO TOFU RECIPES! Who likes tofu as much as I do? Like brussels sprouts, mushrooms and chicken livers (to name a few), you either love tofu or hate it. People who don’t like tofu don’t like its texture and its taste (or lack of it). But the trick is always in what you mix with it.

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Baked portobello mushrooms with herbed tomatoes, sour cream, feta and parmesan

Baked mushrooms with herbed tomatoes and sour cream

Canon G11, ISO 400, 1/20 sec, f/5.6

IT’S ONE OF THOSE DAYS when an inspiration struck and you knew you just have to do it. Ahem, actually I was just cleaning out my fridge before stuff go beyond their expiration date.

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Minted pea custard with kawakawa

Pea custard with Kawakawa

Canon G11, ISO 400, 1/50 sec, f/4.5

KAWAKAWA is my new best friend in the kitchen. After the discovery of this super plant in my garden, I have been experimenting with kawakawa. I mix it with anything I cook, bake or drink. I also challenged a fellow food blogger from the opposite side of the world (Seattle WA), lovely Seana of CottageGroveHouse.com, to a ‘cook-off’. Well, it’s not really a cook-off since we’re not competing at all. We wanted to present two dishes using the same main ingredient – PEAS, where she would use mint while I would use kawakawa.

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Getting wild with chicken soup

Chicken Tinola with Kawakawa leaves

Canon 600D, ISO 200, 1/5 sec, f/3.5, 24-70mm

HAVE YOU EVER EATEN something that made you happy? I don’t mean ‘happy’ in a conventional way, but ‘happy’ in a wild sort of way. Well, I have. And it’s not illegal!

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