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Shooting for Miss Delaney #1 Spiced chicken thighs with roast broccoli salad

Delaney's spiced chicken thighs with a roast broccoli salad

Delaney’s spiced chicken thighs with a roast broccoli salad

This wonderful pair of recipes came out in the April 2014 issue of FishHead magazine under Delaney Mes‘ My Kitchen column. She creates recipes, I cook and shoot for her. She lives in Auckland and I live in Wellington but in this day and age of email and DropBox, distance doesn’t matter.

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Simple joy #12 Delaney’s Fruit Salad Fizz

Delaney's Fruit Salad Fizz

Delaney’s Fruit Salad Fizz

Over time I have developed intolerance to wine. I would get migraine after a glass or two. I think it started that fateful day when I had four glasses of wine then followed by two shots of tequila. I threw up all night then had a hangover the next day. That was my first bad experience with alcohol. I was 45.

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