@ 2013 Dolly Rubiano

@ 2013 Dolly Rubiano

This is the page where I am supposed to say something about  myself and why I have a blog. I’ve tried blogging many, many years ago but after several posts, I forgot about it. It is still out there somewhere if you care to look for it. Hint: otherwise ordinary.

What frustrates me most about existence is staying ordinary. I strive not to be ordinary in the best possible way I can. I am not always successful but I try. I like to experiment but within my comfort zone. As long as it is not life-threatening I will do it. As long as it is not wriggling and crawling and is not smaller than my fingers I will touch it. As long as it is not a four-legged animal, I will cook and eat it.

And so now you can expect that my food blog will not have anything that has four legs. Most of the meals I cook are otherwise ordinary, because each one has a special touch or a secret ingredient that I won’t reveal in my posts. If you can guess it right I might give you a reward!

I am passionate about photography and food is my favourite subject. I like shooting people too, especially when they’re not looking. I am a regular contributor as photographer to FishHead magazine, a local life-style magazine in Wellington, New Zealand. When not taking photographs, I work for one of the top government agencies in the country. I like saying that. It makes me feel not ordinary. (Smile)

I shoot using Canon cameras. I have a 600D/Rebel T3i and G11. My dream camera is a 5D Mark II. I’m an arm-stretch away from achieving that. (Smile again)

If you would like to use any of my images, please contact me at dolly dot rubiano at gmail dot com (you know how to ‘decode’ that!), or you can leave a reply down the bottom of the page.


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