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Minted pea custard with kawakawa

KAWAKAWA is my new best friend in the kitchen. After the discovery of this super plant in my garden, I have been experimenting with kawakawa. I mix it with anything I cook, bake or drink. I also challenged a fellow food blogger from the opposite side of the world (Seattle WA), lovely Seana of, to […]

Easy herbed booze bread

Kawakawa bread! It’s a long time coming. This super plant kawakawa has made several appearances on this blog. The peppermint after-taste makes this booze bread truly remarkable. JD scored high with this one!

Simple joy #3 That green thing called Kale

The first time I was introduced to Kale was three months ago, in the U.S. of A. Not in New Zealand. Not even in the Philippines. If I had it when I was younger, I would have hated it. It tasted like dirt. But knowing what I knew now, like thousands of Kale fans out […]

What to do with chicken flakes

HELLO! I have been out of action for a wee while. I’m still cooking and still shooting, but haven’t been posting and dropping a note or two to fellow bloggers out there. I have been busy with work, photo shoots and getting ready for my upcoming vacation to the U.S. of A to visit my […]

Getting wild with chicken soup

HAVE YOU EVER EATEN something that made you happy? I don’t mean ‘happy’ in a conventional way, but ‘happy’ in a wild sort of way. Well, I have. And it’s not illegal!