Roast chicken carcass

Roast chicken carcass

Roast chicken carcass

Who thinks that chicken carcass is only used for making soup or stock?

Well, the secret is out! You can actually make a complete meal out of it. All it takes is creativity. And some bits and pieces of leftovers.

Roast chicken carcass

I marinated the chicken carcass, or let’s just call it “chicken frames” if you are grossed out by the term that means remains of the dead body of an animal, using stuff in the fridge (home-made teriyaki sauce, home-made plum and prune jam, lime syrup) and a mix of spices in the pantry. Your imagination is the limit, really. Give the chicken frames a good rub and marinate for at least an hour or overnight like what I always do.

Roast chicken carcass

Insert unpeeled quartered potatoes into the chicken frames and bake in the oven at 200C for an hour. Cover the top of the baking dish loosely with foil. Get your favorite vegetables into the oven for the last 30 minutes of cooking and reduce heat to 180C. Remove the foil at the same time.

Eat with your bare hands. It’s fun!

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