Healthy plum and prune jam

Plum and prune jam on toast rye bread

Plum and prune jam on rye bread toast

“Sugar is the new fat.” The first time I heard this said (by someone who published a book on the matter) was at the International Food Blogger Conference held in Seattle, mid 2013. True? Look around and what do you see overweight people are eating? French fries? (we call it “chips” down here, btw) Fried chicken? Burgers? Look again. Ice cream? Muffins? Cakes? Milk chocolate? Cronuts? Yes!


Actually, it is the combination of sugar and fat, if you believe these twins. Both the master baker and I have noticed the appearance of unwanted inches around our waistlines. This must be due to the fact that we’ve been baking and making sweet stuff for a couple of months now (and I haven’t been running at all!). We need to cut back on sweet and fatty foods and I have to start running again.

So it is by no coincidence that when I searched for a healthy plum jam recipe (I had 6 over-riped black plums in the fridge), I stumbled happily upon this sugar-free (no cane sugar) and fat-free (no butter) plum and prune jam recipe by Australian Martyna Angell of And no water! I was thinking maybe she unintentionally missed the water in the recipe but there was no mention in the comments thread about the lack of water.  So I gave it a go and true enough, the juice from the over-riped plums is enough to give the jam a thick consistency.

Plums and prunes

Prunes are added to make it sweet. But jam is supposed to be sweet. So I dropped a tablespoon of honey, no guilt there.

Plums and prunes

Since I have no tawny port, I used my favorite Stone’s Original Green Ginger wine. I immersed a stick of cinnamon in the mix during the slow-cooking process.

Plum and prune jam on toast rye bread

It turns out not as sweet as one would expect of jam but mix it with natural peanut butter on toast and you go to heaven. Perfect combination!

You can find the original recipe from Martyna’s blog.

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