JD’s lemon and coconut cake

Lemon and coconut cake

Lemon and coconut cake

After a fervent search for a lemon and coconut cake recipe, I finally settled for Katie Quinn Davies’ http://www.whatkatieate.com/recipes/gluten-free-lemon-and-coconut-cake. Her cake looked SO WILD I just had to shoot something like it. So I handed over the recipe to my master baker and he took out the food processor which started whirling soon enough. He was like a boy with a new toy.

Lemon and coconut cake

Katie’s recipe calls for gluten-free flour and coconut flour which unfortunately we didn’t have. So we used self-raising flour and coconut flakes. The cake didn’t rise as expected so JD was not very pleased. It looked more like a pie than a cake. I brought the cake to work and my workmates must have loved it because they had second helpings. They liked that it’s dense instead of fluffy.

Lemon and coconut cake

Back at home, JD ate the remaining piece and he enjoyed it the second time around. I did, too!

Lemon and coconut cake

Lemon and coconut cake


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