Fennel and mixed beans gratin

Fennel and mixed beans gratin

Living in Wellington is like living life dangerously. We are prone to earthquakes. They said the BIG ONE is bound to happen anytime. Every home has a survival kit. Mine is assembled by my loving partner-in-crime as a going-away present two years ago.

But last week as I opened the kit to inspect the items that needed to be replaced, I discovered one of the plastic gallons of water was leaking, for how long I had no idea. But it was long enough to cause several cans of beans to rust on the outside. Some I had to throw away because they were heavily rusted. I salvaged around 6 cans of beans – lentil, chickpeas and four bean mix.

What followed was an impromptu recipe using the four bean mix,  a bulb of fennel, feta cheese and caramelized onions. It was wonderful! The mild anise flavor of the fennel went well with the feta cheese. And the mixed beans made this dish a hearty one.

Fennel and mixed beans gratin

Fennel and mixed beans gratin

Fennel and mixed beans gratin ~ Recipe here

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