Meeting food photographer extraordinaire Lara Ferroni.

One of the highlights of my trip to Portland Oregon was spending time with Lara Ferroni in her studio. If you are a food blogger + photographer and you don’t know who Lara Ferroni is, then you should read no further.

Lara Ferroni and Dolly Rubiano

Lara is every aspiring food photographer’s inspiration.  She has published more than 15 cookbooks and has a long list of high profile clients including online and print magazines.

Before I left for my  trip to the States, I emailed Lara for a chance to meet her and to ask if she could be a mentor while I was in Portland. I was awestruck when she replied favourably.

Lara’s studio is filled with every imaginable food photography prop, from hand-painted tabletop to antique cutlery. She also has the gear that makes life easier for food photographers – a rock solid camera stand, several larger-than-life strobes, reflectors and diffusers. You name it, she has it. On 3 different sessions I observed how Lara worked, alone and with clients. All the time, she made it look so easy. She would cook, bake, mix drinks, style and prop the food, shoot tethered and tag the photos she liked using Lightroom. And all the while, she was calm and composed. I bombarded her with questions and she would unselfishly answer them. It was a truly amazing learning experience. Thank you, Lara, for your patience and generosity!


About Dolly Rubiano

I am passionate about photography and food is my favourite subject. I like shooting people too, especially when they’re not looking. I am a regular contributor as photographer to FishHead magazine, a local lifestyle magazine in Wellington, New Zealand. I blog about my experiments in the kitchen and don't cook anything that has four legs. Please get in touch if you would like to work with me regarding food styling and photography. View all posts by Dolly Rubiano

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