My kitchen is a mouse’s playground.

I’ve had a marvelous vacation and was out of the country for seven glorious weeks. But look what I found waiting for me under the kitchen sink?

Mouse droppings

Some mouse (and company) decided to make a toilet out of the cupboard where I kept my food photography props!

After closer inspection, I can confidently say that the mouse has not explored the other cupboards except for the one under the sink where there are gaps wide enough for the mouse to squeeze into. Using gloves, I took out bottles of condiments under the sink and on top of the cabinet and poured boiling water into them, dried them with clean paper towels and put them in the cupboards atop the sink where there is no evidence of mouse penetration. I still need to do the same thing with the spice racks and nut jars but I will wait until I’m sure that the mouse and company have not broken into the kitchen again. I put bait blocks behind the fridge, stove, under the sink where I found the droppings and behind the basket of logs by the fireplace. Good thing the house has many doors and I have door draft stoppers to seal them. Before going to bed, I closed all doors that separate the kitchen from the living room from the bedroom.

I was careful as I came out of the bedroom this morning. I might find a mouse lying around, dead from hunger, exhaustion and trauma from trying to get out of the sealed rooms (if it was there before I converted the rooms into prison cells.) I checked the blue bait blocks and they are still intact, no sign of tiny teeth marks. I checked the cupboard with droppings (no, I have not cleaned it out yet) and there are as much poo as yesterday and the day before, but not more. If the mouse had tried to enter the house through a hole in the cupboard (now stuffed), the bathroom window or the chimney, it couldn’t sneak into the kitchen anymore. Once it gets warmer, they will stay out of the house. In the meantime, here I am, like a warden at night trying to prevent criminals from breaking into the prison instead of breaking out of prison.

Things can only get better from here on. Fingers crossed!

About Dolly Rubiano

I am passionate about photography and food is my favourite subject. I like shooting people too, especially when they’re not looking. I am a regular contributor as photographer to FishHead magazine, a local lifestyle magazine in Wellington, New Zealand. I blog about my experiments in the kitchen and don't cook anything that has four legs. Please get in touch if you would like to work with me regarding food styling and photography. View all posts by Dolly Rubiano

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